After much preparation, O.C.H.M.’s summer collection inventory officially began on Tuesday June 5 with the arrival of our two interns, Amanda and Meredith.  After an introduction to the Museum, how we operate, and the expectations of the summer we took them into the collection room and went through a textile box to show the steps to follow and the correct ways to handle and pack the objects. The following two days the interns, myself and Daniel began to feel out how we were going to maneuver multiple people, boxes, objects, and clipboards in order to get through the inventory efficiently. After a few different ideas we began to hit our stride and to my surprise managed to inventory 2 of 9 shelving units, and all of the oversized  storage (furniture, etc.) by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

We did have a bump or two along the way, but all of us managed to find an object that made us laugh or begin an entertaining conversation. We also found several objects that we had to look up just to figure out what they were. Below are some highlights of the things we found and learned about this week.

Upon opening a box with several glass canning jars: “Why do we call them Mason Jars?” (Answer: They were invented by John Landis Mason in 1858)

Finding leather apparel meant for legs: “(A)What would you call these?” (B)”I’m not sure, they look like they go on your legs.” (C)”Would they be grieves?”            (B)”Do grieves go on your legs or arms?”   (C)”I don’t know…”     (A) “They’re listed on the box as leather leggings…..” (B)”Yeah, lets go with leggings”

Opening a innocent looking grey box: “(A)What is this?….(B)I’m not sure, look inside the manual.” *Begins laughing* “Oh my goodness….its a Relax-a-cizor” (After a good 5 minutes of laughing) “It’s just like Mad Men…This is definitely one of the top ten discoveries of the summer.”

Here are two objects that you may not recognize:

Do you know what they are?

Comment with your guess and tune into Collection Inventory Week 2 to find out their names!

~~~Posted By Brandie Fields, Executive Director O.C.H.M